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We work for Free

So that sport can be available to everyone

By donating you'll be keeping our gym going, supporting Ultimate Boxing to be able to provide more free lessons to those less fortunate. And helping to provide better, safer equipment for our students.

Fireman & Champion

Community fireman James Young dedicates his time as an instructor at Ultimate Boxing. James worked hard under Instructor Rob Griffiths to become British Champion. And now, when he's not fighting fires, James volunteers his time to teach the kids and adults at Ultimate Boxing.

You can help us to make a difference

With your help we can keep going, keep giving.

We want to provide a sporting facility for everyone, and if possible we want to make it free for those that are less fortunate than others.

As instructors we have personally provided equipment and clothing for the students, but we desperately need additional funding! All money donated will go towards helping to pay for rent, heating, electricity, insurance and to buy essential new, safe equipment for the gym.


With help and donations from local individuals and companies such as yourselves we will have enough funds to pay our monthly outgoings and even help students, who are less fortunate, to train for free. Any contributions will enable us to provide desperately needed new equipment and most importantly of all, keep us open. Without these funds we will no longer be able to provide the teaching and support we offer now. Simply put, if we can't pay the rent, we and the community, will lose our gym.


So please, donate something to help us today, however small, every contribution will help us put something back into the local community.



Please Donate

Secure Payments

Give money by Cheque

Send to our chief instructor at:

Made payable to: Ultimate Boxing

Ultimate Boxing

4 Jackson Road, Congleton
Cheshire CW12 1NT

Even the smallest amount can make a difference, please give what you can.

"When I first came to Ultimate Boxing I was a student, and wanted to take up a sport. I loved the classes and became more involved in the club. My circumstances suddenly changed, and when I spoke to Rob about giving up because I could no longer afford to pay the subs, he said:


 'I'd rather have you here training for free,
than sat at home wishing you were here'


I trained at Ultimate Boxing for over a year for free, thanks to the kindness of my Instructors. I am very grateful for everything they have done to support me."

Hamza N Evans

Ultimate Boxing Gym - Unit 2. Hancock Road, Off Havannah Street, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 2AN

Ultimate boxing is a 'None for Profit' organisation. All proceeds from Subs are put back into the club.